OneGreen Index

is this apple really organic ?

is this apple really organic ?

is this apple really organic ?

is this apple really organic ?

There’s the truth…and then there’s the cold hard truth no one really wants to hear. The truth that might be tough to swallow and even harder to digest – but the one that brings the actual facts out into the open, tells it like it is, clear as day.

Ask yourself first

How much do you really know about the products you buy for yourself, and your family?

How many hours have you spent reading countless reviews before buying the safest product?

What can we do about it?

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, and the impact it has on this beautiful blue planet we call home – every product and every claim matters.

Brace yourself, because this one’s a hard pill to swallow:
Brands across the board, big and small, have been misleading
unsuspecting consumers like you by peddling shockingly
mediocre products, using wild unsubstantiated claims like
“scientifically proven” with “guaranteed results.”

On the flip side, there are a ton of smaller, artisanal brands that are going out of the way to produce safe, toxin-free products but they’re easy to miss in today’s advertising hoopla.

You’re fed up and you know it. We were too.
Really, really fed up. And that’s why we worked hard for
18 months and developed the OneGreen Index.

We got the best tech talent and engineering brains in the business to build OneGreen Index (OGI) – our proprietary in-house validation tool that harnesses cutting-edge machine learning models, neural learning, and artificial intelligence to validate each and every claim a brand makes, and gives it a 100% objective score.

To ensure that the score is not just a reflection of the honesty of the brand, but also how sustained the effort of the brand is (beyond the product), we have also considered other variables that validate the efforts the brand has made to make itself available, visible and popular.

The higher the score, the more assured you can be that any brand is true to its multiple ‘clean’ claims. How? The algorithm tests, validate and confirm each and every claim made by a brand and testifies its presence and popularity before it even makes it to our site.

Today, OneGreen Index is Asia’s first, horizontal-platform
level rating and validation system.

OneGreen Index Scoring System

Score between 5-6.9

The brand is clean and not making any misleading claims, but needs to work on quite a few more aspects to improve their score. Mostly, an honest but young brand!

Score between 7-7.9

The brand is in the right space – honest and hardworking and is reliable and been around for sometime. Though, has a few areas in terms of visibility and popularity that it could better.

Score between 8-8.9

We have verified almost all the claims made by the brand, is popular and is one of the bests in the business. Totally worth it!

Score between 9-9.9

The brand is serious about being toxin- free, can back up almost all its claims, and you can trust it is good for you. Mostly, it has been around for sometime now and consumers love it!

And we don’t stop there – we go one step further. We got in touch with certifying authorities globally (more than a 100 of them) and understood their criteria and parameters clearly. We now have copies of over 200 certificates across 40+ product categories – and so we can verify whether a brand is really staying true to its claims, within seconds.

Believe it or not, that’s not it. We add the human touch too. We know that labels and ingredient panels read like Greek and Latin to us – and so we have built a stellar team of in-house dermatologists and food scientists that painstakingly scrutinizes each element of a label and re-verifies whether the product really is true to what its label mentions.

Through this multi-stage process, you can be sure that each and every claim made by a brand on its packaging is valid and verified and you can be 100% confident about what’s entering your home and going into your tummy. We do all the heavy-lifting for you! With OneGreen Index, we take the guesswork out of your clean shopping experience!