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Better Morning Essentials

Bamboo Brush, Clove Toothpaste 50gms, Active Charcoal soap, Araku Valley Coffee 60 gms

Chemical Free
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Natural products
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"At the heart of our business is our impact on the planet so we keep our environmental footprint low. Re Earth was born out of necessity, which is to provide eco-friendly solutions for everyday usage."

Bamboo Brush, Clove Toothpaste 50gms, Active Charcoal soap, Araku Valley Coffee 60 gms

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Earn 51 Green Coins


5 in stock

Eco-Friendly starter kit for a perfect and conscious start to your mornings. The combo is specially created to activate your senses in the morning and fill you up with energy for the day ahead.

The combo equips you with the best of Re Earth products:

a. Bamboo Brush

b. Clove Toothpaste 50 gms jar

c. Active Charcoal natural soap bar

d. Araku Valley Coffee


About the Brush:

Bristles: Soft

Bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly, unlike a plastic brush which in-evidently has more likelihood of landing up in a landfill, a bamboo toothbrust is bio-degradable. Which means, post usage you can just plant it in your backyard garden and it will take care of itself. What sets us apart from all other Bamboo Toothbrush manufacturers is that our bristles are made with activated charcoal infusions. This makes the bristles partially bio-degradable too. That apart, Charcoal tips keep the bristles naturally germ free. For longer usage take proper care, a natural bamboo toothbrush will last as long as any plastic toothbrush. It’s suggested you rinse your toothbrush after cleaning your teeth and keep it dry. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months or when the bristles have frayed out of shape. Dont forget to sport your Naturally happy Smile after using this product. +

About ReEarth Natural Toothpaste:

It is tremendously effective in cleaning your teeth and strengthening your gums. Each ingredient is carefully selected to serve unique function. Baking Soda gives the paste the necessary abrasion to clean the tooth surface. Coconut oil and essentials oils are anti-bacterial in nature. Xylitol gives it the sweetness and Arrowroot and Chalk aids in making gums stronger. Premium quality of Essential oils are used to not just give you the burst of flavour we all are accustomed to in the morning but will also freshen up the breath. Brushing with ReEarth paste is a unique experience as it is free of all chemicals and toxins. No SLS means no foaming. And no Fluoride means no Fluorosis. The paste is good to you and wouldn’t pollute our loving nature. +


About the Active Charcoal Soap Bar:

Our soap is a naturally infused with activated charcoal that has many benefits for your skin. Charcoal soap absorbs the excessive oil along with the dirt from the skin. Provides Flawless Skin. Treats Acne. Reduces Pore Size. Makes Skin Tighter And Firmer. Suits Every Skin Type. Prevents Premature Aging. Clears Skin Blemishes. Charcoal soap has the unique property of functioning as a soap and shampoo. When used as a shampoo, it helps treat skin conditions like dandruff and dry scalp. +


About Araku Valley Coffee:

Araku Coffee, Grown In The Eastern Ghats, The Chintapalli And Paderu Areas Of Visakhapatnam.  Araku Valley coffee is known worldover for its Aromatic Flavour. These coffee seeds are completely hand-picked and dried in the sun by the tribal who follow an organic approach. They are processed by natural fermentation, the cup exhibits full body, acidity, mild flavour and striking aroma with a hint of dark chocolate.

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