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Pancakes are one of those things that kids and adults love alike. Easy to make, tastes delicious, what’s not to like! The only negative thing probably is sharing your pancakes because no one likes that.

If you’re craving some healthy pancakes but are short on time, here’s a quick recipe to satiate those taste buds.


Wingreens easy eggless pancake mix

One banana, few berries or fruits of your choice

Pinch of salt

3 spoons of almond milk

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder

250 ml water


  1. Take a bowl and whisk the pancake mix, water, almond milk, salt, and cinnamon till you get a smooth consistency.
  2. Put a pan on the stove and wait until it heats up
  3. Lightly oil the pan and pour a scoop of batter on to it.
  4. Cook until bubbles break on the surface and the undersides are golden brown
  5. Serve them with bananas, berries or any fruit of your choice
  6. Drizzle a little organic honey on top and add a few nuts if you like.

Enjoy this no-fuss, mess-free breakfast and give your morning an extra boost. One more thing before we go, there’s no such thing as too many pancakes. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise! 

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