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Yet another World Environment Day has come around and messages like ‘plant more trees’ and ‘protect the planet’ and the like will flood our messages and feed. We read those messages, feel a little upset about the state of affairs, and then forget the next day. Most of us are probably guilty of doing that. Yes, even us.

This year, however, we decided to do our bit. Without having to leave the house because the lockdown cannot stop us! All we have to do is #DeleteDigitalJunk. That’s right, we can reduce our carbon footprint just by cleaning up our inboxes and smartphones.

Ready for some little-known facts about digital junk?

  • The footprint of a spam email is 0.3g CO2e, 4g CO2e for a regular email, and 50g CO2e for mails with attachments.
  • Deleting 10 emails would cut 39,035 metric tonnes of CO2 = 19,356 tonnes of coal burned every day!
  • Every photo, video, and file you save is stored repeatedly in a cloud for security reasons, consuming massive amounts of energy. Globally, cloud computing consumes more electricity than all of Germany put together.
  • Emissions from the production of servers for use in the cloud is 160 kg CO2e/year.

That means every time you let an unwanted mail sit in your inbox, let those blurry photos worth deleting linger around in your phone albums, or buy more cloud space because your storage is over, you are leaving behind a significant carbon footprint. Who knew that someone as simple and quick as deleting digital junk could make an environmental difference!

This World Environmental Day, let’s #HitDelete and #DeleteDigitalJunk together. Participate in our contest and win exciting OneGreen vouchers worth Rs. 1,000. All you have to do share a screenshot of your before-after images of your inbox or phone storage space after deleting your digital junk.

The rules of the contest are very simple.

  1. Follow our page on Instagram or like on Facebook
  2. You can upload your entries as a post, story, or even a reel on your page or send us the screenshots on DM.
  3. If you post on your feed, tag the brand & use #DeleteDigitalJunk
  4. Tag a friend in comments & ask them to participate in the contest.
  5. No limit on entries.

Let’s join hands and make a small yet significant difference this World Environment Day. We are starting right away and hitting our inboxes. What about you?

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