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Desi Green Practices We’ve Always Followed

Most of us, along with our mothers and grandmothers, have been ‘living green’ long before it became popular. As kids, we may have even rolled our eyes at these green activities or now our kids do that looking at us. Either way, it’s safe to say that most of us ‘accidently’ implement many green practices in our daily lives without realising we are contributing to the planet unknowingly.

Raise your hand if you and your family are guilty of doing these.

  1. Using old newspapers to wrap notebooks or lunch boxes for long journeys
  2. Revamping old sarees and turning them to quilts or skirts. Old textile, new fashion.
  3. Converting plastic ice-cream containers to storage containers. We’ve all done this and it’s awesome!
  4. Crushing egg shells, coffee grounds or used tea leaves as natural fertilizers for home plants. We love sharing our kitchen ‘waste’ with our plants.
  5. Churning milk cream to homemade butter. Any day more delicious than packaged, processed butter.
  6. Upcycling old denim as handbags. They were on our legs, now on our arms.
  7. Applying ghee on chapped lips instead of buying lip balms. A yummy beauty hack to say the least!
  8. Passing down clothes to siblings, cousins, friends. We waited for them to outgrow their clothes so that we get those awesome tees and tops.
  9. Using coconut fibre to clean utensils instead of plastic scrubs. No part of coconut went to waste.
  10. Making homemade hair oil, hair masks, and face masks. We loved flaunting our skin and hair after that, and rightfully so. 
  11. Using used lemons to get rid of grease from utensils. With an extra benefit of fresh lemony fragrance.
  12. Using cloth napkins (which could be made from old, used clothes) in the kitchen instead of paper napkins.
  13. Growing herbs at home. No more disappointment of buying wilted greens.
  14. Getting creative with meal leftovers instead of throwing them out. We’re looking at you breakfast, the yummy aloo paratha, made from dinner leftovers.
  15. Fixing broken things instead of throwing them out or buying something new. We are not a part of ‘it’s broken, so let’s buy a new one’ crowd.
  16. Drying clothes on a clothesline instead of using the dryers. No dryer can beat the sun, which kills germs as well!
  17. Saving candle wax to make yet another candle. Super fun activity for kids!
  18. Pretty shopping bags become gift bags. Pass on the pretty love we say.
  19. Repurpose glass jars to store homemade pickles, jams and other yummies.
  20. A gift or shopping item came in a sturdy, big box? Time to reusethem for storage because ‘I have enough storage options’ is a myth. 
  21. Mothers everywhere keeping the school and office lunches tasty with her magic recipes and classy with steel ka dabbas.
  22. Old bottles always looked great as planters for the green members of the family, a.k.a. plants. We all know people who eagerly wait for the bottles to get empty so that they can plant more!

Do let us know which green hack was passed on to you. We’d love to hear them and put them into action.

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