Steel straws are here to stay 1

There was a time when buying plastic straws for parties and picnics was the most in-thing to do because who wants to wash and clean at a happy event. At the end of the day, the huge garbage bag typically bore testimony to our happiness quotient and also, the amount of trash generated, let’s admit!

But sipping straws are such a life saver, fancy or not. Young moms feel relieved their kids are not choking or messing their surroundings. It’s also nice to sip a juice than drink or gulp it down. A lot of places have done away with plastic straws and replaced them with paper straws, the only downside being they get soggy and you’ll need a new one again and again.

And tada! someone came up with stainless steel straws, absolutely environment-friendly and sustainable. You can carry them wherever you please and clean them as many number of times. There are good straw pipe cleaners  to serve the purpose.

For Shruti Fernandez, 35, a young working mother from Bengaluru raising two boys responsibly means taking one small step contributing less stress to Mother Earth. She says, “ These washable metal straws are sustainable and you don’t ever run out of straws.”

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