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According to epidemiologist Chandrakant Lahariya, nearly 70-90% of children get affected by SARS-CoV-2 infection even when schools are closed. Moreover, diarrheal and respiratory diseases are among the two major common diseases seen in kids in India. Kids, as such, have weakened immune systems in comparison to adults. The various organ systems in their body are still developing. This is why they are more prone to diseases and infections than adults. 

In such a scenario, we need to take special care of our kids, thus keeping in mind to boost their immunity. Besides basic hygiene care, you should put special emphasis on your kid’s diet. You should try to grab lots and lots of immunity-boosting foods for kids, ultimately adding them to their diet. But, what exactly are immunity booster foods? What are the top Immunity boosting foods for kids? Are immunity-boosting foods really necessary for kids?

Do you have all these questions bothering your mind? Stop worrying and start exploring with us! Here we help you out with the top 20 immunity-boosting foods for kids. So without delay, let’s gear up this journey with OneGreen.
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Immunity-Boosting Foods For Kids: What Are They?

With the rapidly increasing tolls of diseases, it’s time to strengthen our immune system. Kids have a stronger immune system in comparison to adults. However, their immune system is not much developed as it’s not exposed to viruses and diseases. Thus, to keep your kid’s immunity system functioning efficiently, you need to take proper care of them.

Although some supplements claim to boost immunity levels, we can also boost our kid’s immunity by adding certain foods to their diet. These foods which help in boosting immunity are known as immunity-boosting food. Moreover, certain nutrients help in boosting immunity levels. The table below lists all the nutrients which help in boosting immunity. 

1AntioxidantsOxidation leads to the formation of free radicals in the body which are actually unstable molecules and are responsible for cell damage. Antioxidants help in preventing oxidation and the damages caused due to it.
Beta CaroteneBeta carotene is a plant based compound which transforms to Vitamin A in the human body which is also known as anti-inflammation vitamin because of its crucial role in the immunity system’s development.
Iron Iron is responsible for the production of RBCs and for transportation of oxygen to various corners of the body.
4Vitamin AVitamin A plays a vital role in the production of B & T cells, which trigger the first immune response on entry of pathogens. Besides, it also helps in removing damaged free radicals from the body.
5Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 helps in the production of antibodies and white blood cells of the immune system.
6Vitamin CVitamin C helps in boosting the power of WBCs (white blood cells) which initiates better response to the immune system.
7Vitamin EIt acts like an antioxidant and keeps infections at bay.
8Zinc It helps in immune cell development and development of WBCs.
9ProbioticsThe gut comprises 80% of our immune system. Probiotics helps in the production of good bacteria in the body which keep pathogens away from the guts and strengthen the B and T cells.
10Omega 3 fatty acidIt’s a fat which checks the body for pathogens and germs thus helping B and T cells to function efficiently.

Top 20 Immunity Boosting Foods For Kids

The first priority while ensuring a healthy immune system is diet. To make your kid’s diet more exciting and healthy, you can add these immunity boosting foods for kids in their diet. So, let’s get started with the top 20 immunity-boosting foods for kids without delay.


Did you know that India ranks 2nd after The United States in the global broccoli production list? Broccoli salads garnished with sesame and almonds or broccoli soup are among the healthiest broccoli dishes and the top immunity boosting foods for kids which you can try. This power-packed vegetable has the following health benefits:

  1. Broccoli is rich in potassium, which helps in the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, thus promoting regular muscle growth. 
  2. Broccoli is also the storehouse of calcium and magnesium, which help in the regulation of blood pressure. 
  3. Broccoli is also rich in Vitamin C, which acts like an antioxidant, thus fighting against free radicals in the body. Moreover, Vitamin C also acts like an antihistamine, which helps cure cold symptoms. 
  4. It also contains Vitamin K and calcium, which helps maintain proper bone health, thus preventing osteoporosis and other bone diseases. 
  5. A single cup of broccoli is loaded with beta-carotene and contains a minute proportion of selenium and zinc, which helps in boosting immunity levels. 

2. Soy Milk 

Soy milk is a plant-based nutritious drink loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Nutritionists advise soy milk for kids above 1 year if they are intolerant to cow milk or lactose products. Let’s discover various reasons why we should go with soy milk.

  1. Soy milk is also packed with calcium content, which is an essential nutrient for strengthening bone. 
  2. Protein plays a crucial role in keeping the kids active throughout the day.
  3. Soy milk contains a considerable amount of potassium, making it good for heart health. Potassium has a contribution to maintaining cholesterol levels. 
  4. Soy milk also helps to regulate blood sugar levels. 
  5. Omega-3 fatty acids are mostly known for improving brain health and reducing cardiovascular risks. And omega-3 fatty acids are loaded in soy milk. It is an effective component in reducing the risks of mental problems like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

3. Sweet Potato 

Did you know that sweet potato is the topmost nutritional vegetable, even more nutritious than broccoli and spinach? These sweet and starchy root veggies are available in a varied range of colours and sizes and offer the following health benefits:

  1. Being highly nutritious, sweet potato contains antioxidants and fiber, which prevent inflammation and chronic diseases. It contains anthocyanins that help prevent cancer, tumors, and other related diseases.
  2. It also contains Vitamin A, which helps in improving brain functioning, eyesight, and immunity levels.
  3. Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients such as manganese, potassium, copper, phosphorus, biotin, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B6.
  4. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any fat content and has low carbohydrates and high-fat content. Thus, it keeps you nutritious and healthy for a long time.

4. Almonds 

People are often suggested to take almonds, as it impacts the human body overall. Almonds have beneficial effects on the brain, skin, heart, hair, etc. Unbelievably, the almond is a tree nut discovered 12,000 years ago. Following are some health benefits offered by almonds:

  1. Almonds have high nutritional values. It is stuffed with almost 15 different vitamins and proteins. 
  2. Vitamin E is also present in almonds, which is vital for pulmonary immune functions. Almonds are a great source of antioxidants that reduce inflammation. 
  3. Almonds contain good cholesterol, which maintains the cholesterol level in the body. 
  4. Almonds offer healthy fat, which is needed for keeping good cardiovascular health. Research also says that almonds help reduce heart risk factors like LDL-C, which make it the top immunity boosting foods for kids.

5. Eggs 

Eggs contain all the 9 essential amino acids, vitamins, and various essential trace nutrients. Eggs are highly promoted for their nutritional factors, as they contain small amounts of almost all the necessary nutrients. Let’s see the various health benefits of eggs:

  1. Eggs are a superfood that helps in improving eyesight. The presence of lutein, a natural carotenoid, improves vision. 
  2. Eggs also contain Vitamin D and E, which promote the body’s immunity. Vitamin D regulates the body’s immune cells to fight against pathogens. Vitamin E protects the body from infections as it is a powerful antioxidant. 

6. Papaya 

Originating from southern Mexico and Central America, papaya spread across the world due to its delicious juicy taste and texture. Papaya smoothie and papaya halwa are some healthy dishes you can include in your kid’s diet. Let’s dive into how papaya helps in boosting Immunity.

  1. Papaya is rich in Vitamin K, which helps in calcium absorption in bones, thus improving the health of bones. 
  2. Papaya is also the storehouse of digestive enzymes such as papain which promotes the secretion of digestive juices and gastric acids, thus promoting healthy digestion.
  3. Papaya also contains Vitamin C, polyphenols, alkaloids, and flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of Vitamin C also helps in increasing Immunity levels.

7.Red Bell Peppers 

Red bell peppers make dishes look colorful, which is why red bell pepper is primarily used in salads and Chinese foods. Apart from its exotic color, it has high nutritional values. Red bell peppers are the most nutritious among all the varieties of bell peppers available in the market. It requires a more extended growth period, so it is stuffed with more nutrients. Let’s account for the reasons why we should consume red bell pepper.

  1. This vibrant red color fruit can prevent cancer. The presence of vitamin E and lycopene reduces the size of cancer tumors and prohibits the growth of cancer cells. 
  2. Red bell pepper helps protect the body from anemia, as it contains vitamin C that facilitates iron absorption.

8. Citrus Fruits 

Citrus fruits are always praised as they add a great value of Vitamin C to our diet. Fruits like orange and lemon contain antioxidants that help prevent aging signs. Let’s discover the benefits of citrus fruits in detail.

  1. Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C, which help to boost immunity. Vitamin C promotes WBC production (White Blood Cells), a dedicated part of the immunity system.
  2. Citrus fruits also have higher levels of soluble fibers. It is greater than any other variety of fruits. Higher soluble fibers will keep your digestive tract healthy and protect you against diarrhea and mainly constipation. 


Legumes provide carbohydrates to our body and are powerful energy-giving food. Some of the notable legumes include peas, lentils, beans, etc. Let’s see how they are beneficial for us.

  1. Taking legumes regularly decreases the chances of constipation, as they are loaded with dietary fibers. Dietary fibers also regulate blood pressure and have a healthy effect on the cardiovascular system. 
  2. The source of Vitamin B in legumes has positive results on maintaining the metabolism of cells. Vitamin B has a crucial role in cell function and regulating the body’s enzymes. 
  3. It also facilitates the breakdown and transportation of essential nutrients throughout the body.
  4. Legumes are also a storehouse of essential micronutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. These are crucial to controlling blood pressure, heart health, metabolism which makes it among the best immunity boosting foods for kids.


The use of carrots as medicine goes back 5000 years ago. Moreover, cooked carrots are more healthy than raw carrots. Let’s discuss how. 

  1. Carrots contain beta carotene, which helps in boosting their immunity. Moreover, while cooking, the amount of beta carotene increases from 3% to 40%, which further helps in boosting immunity.
  2. Carrots are also rich in Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and helps increase the production of antibodies and white blood cells.
  3. Carrots also contain folate and Vitamin B6, which play a vital role in the production and synthesis of those proteins which detect the presence of pathogens and send messages to the immune system.
  4. Carrots are rich in Vitamin E, which reverses the age of T-cells, thus enhancing their ability to ward off pathogens even after getting old.
  5. Carrots also contain other nutrients and minerals such as zinc, copper, and iron, which are vital for the immune system.


Did you know that spinach contains about 91% of its water? Also known as Persian Green, the green superstar spinach has many benefits. Let’s discuss them below.

  1. Spinach contains lots of healthy nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, it also contains folate, lutein, iron, omega-3s, phytonutrients, and natural chemicals, which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, thus keeping pathogens and diseases at bay.
  2. Spinach also contains Vitamin C and potassium, which is responsible for their immunity-boosting properties.
  3. Spinach also contains antioxidants that promote healthy eye vision.
  4. Spinach also contains calcium and Vitamin K, which help improve bone density and maintain proper health of arteries. 

12. Kefir 

Often considered an ancient healing food, kefir has been a staple food for ages. You will be astonished to know that it’s even more nutritious than yogurt. Let’s discuss the health benefits of kefir as an immunity booster food.

  1. Kefir has low-fat content, protein, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, magnesium, and Vitamin D. 
  2. Kefir is the home to about 60+ strains of yeast and bacteria which makes it a much more powerful probiotic in comparison to yogurt.
  3. Kefir is the home to carbohydrate kefiran and probiotic Lactobacillus kefiri, which fight and protect the body against harmful bacteria.
  4. As kefir originates from dairy, it contains Vitamin K2 and calcium, which improve bone health, thus reducing the chances of osteoporosis and other such diseases.
  5. As kefir contains probiotics, it may help cure and solve digestive problems thus making it among the top immunity boosting foods for kids.
  6. Kefir contains low lactose content, which means people with lactose intolerance can consume it. 
  7. Some studies also indicate that kefir helps in relieving and curing allergy symptoms.


Basil is an aromatic culinary herb belonging to the mint family. In our childhood, grandma often gave us basil and honey juice to cure coughs and colds. Do you remember it? So let’s learn the health benefits of grandma’s magic potion, basil.  

  1. Basil contains micronutrients such as Vitamin K and antioxidants, used since ancient days to cure colds, inflammation, and snakebites.
  2. Due to the presence of antioxidants, basil is known to reduce oxidative stress.
  3. Basil is vital for maintaining proper blood pressure and cardiac health.
  4. In Ayurvedic medicine, basil helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, thus improving and boosting mental health.
  5. Basil has been used for combating infections since the traditional period.
  6. Moreover, basil is also rich in beta carotene, which helps it to boost immunity levels. 

14. Turmeric 

Turmeric has been a popular spice these days. Recipes and dishes are incomplete without turmeric. Turmeric is the storehouse of many health benefits, making it among the top 20 top immunity boosting foods for kids.

  1. Turmeric contains the anti-inflammatory compound curcumin, which, when consumed with milk or warm water, helps in relieving symptoms of cold and flu.
  2. Turmeric is also a probiotic with anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, promoting the healthy bacteria present in the gut.
  3. Turmeric is home to more than 300 nutrients, including beta carotene, Vitamin C, flavonoids, calcium, fiber, niacin, iron, zinc, and potassium. The presence of beta carotene helps in boosting immunity levels. 
  4. From cold and cough to respiratory system infections, turmeric can cure various diseases. Moreover, it’s an essential ingredient in homemade remedies and Ayurvedic medicine.
  5. Turmeric also acts like an ointment that can cure skin ailments. Besides, it also facilitates proper digestion, regulation of blood sugar levels, and purification of blood.

15. Salmon 

Salmon contains various fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals which are vital for boosting immunity. The various nutrients present in salmon are Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium, making it among the best immunity boosting foods for kids. Irrespective of the way you consume it, it’s an excellent choice for boosting the immunity of kids while providing them healthy nutrients.

16. Lean Meat 

Did you know that the skin of the chicken contains 80% of fat content? Lean meat, such as skinless chicken and red meat with minimal fat content. Chicken soup is a great way to add lean meat to a kid’s diet. Let’s discover the health benefits of lean meat as immunity-boosting food. 

  1. Lean meat contains lots of proteins, low calories, and contains selenium, choline, Vitamin B3 and B6. Selenium acts like an antioxidant, thus assisting the immune system. Choline also helps in reducing inflammation and improving nerve function. 
  2. Lean meat is also a good source of zinc which fights against infections by facilitating the production of B and T cells.
  3. Lean meat also contains iron and Vitamin B12, which increases the production of hemoglobin, thus increasing metabolism in the body.

17. Whole Grains

You might have consumed whole-grain numerous times in various dishes. Maybe the quinoa in the form of salads, popcorn, or oats in porridge. Various whole grains are stuffed with nutritional elements like dietary fibers, proteins, calcium, iron, etc. Following are the health benefits delivered by whole:

  1. Doctors highly recommend whole grains specifically to reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease.
  2. The daily intake of whole grains can lower the possibility of heart diseases. 
  3. Whole grains are responsible for speeding up the metabolic rate and reducing calorie retention after digestion.

18. Avocado 

Have you ever tried the nutty berry avocado? It has a creamy and buttery texture. ¾th part of the avocado is water, and the rest is stuffed with fibers and proteins. Although they are high in calories and fat content, they are considered healthy fruits. The following are health benefits offered by avocado:

  1. The fats in avocado are full-fat, which is harmless, unlike unsaturated fats. The fat present in avocado refers to good fats for the body. 
  2. If you eat avocado regularly, you have a lower chance of cancer. 
  3. Avocados are rich in phytochemicals, which reduce the chances of developing carcinogenic cells. 
  4. It also has carotenoids that fight against cancer progression. 
  5. Avocados have a strong anti-inflammatory property. It is due to the presence of antioxidants and monounsaturated fat. 


Yogurt is a superfood that is easily available at home. Moreover, one can make it by adding yogurt to fresh milk. Yogurts are used in many Indian dishes like kadhi and raita. Along with kids, adults love to take sweetened fresh yogurt. Yogurt also has many health benefits. Let’s see what they are:

  1. Yogurt boosts the immunity of the body and provides strong digestive health.
  2. It has probiotics that inhibit bacterial growth in the gut, which is harmful to us. Yogurt is also good for kids, which safeguards against allergies.
  3. Doctors often suggest you take yogurt while having diarrhea. It revives and restores the essential bacteria which you have lost in diarrhea. 
  4. Yogurts prevent infection, as the probiotics reduce the bacterial effect. It helps reduce the pH of your urine and prevent urinary tract infections.  

20. Pistachios 

Who doesn’t like pistachio? It’s an essential element in desserts and icecreams. If you add pistachio to your everyday diet, it can reduce the risks of many chronic diseases. It has fibers, minerals, and a high amount of protein. Let’s discover the health benefits of having pistachios. 

  1. After walnut and pecan, pistachios provide the highest antioxidants in the category of nuts and seeds. 
  2. The presence of lutein and zeaxanthin in pistachio protects our eyes from harmful blue rays. 
  3. Regular intake of pistachio can balance your sleep cycle and sleep quality if you are suffering from sleep delay. It is an effective dose to regulate your melatonin formation.
  4. Pistachio helps grow good bacteria in the guts and keeps the gut healthy. 
  5. Immune boosting compounds like zinc, iron, folate, carotenoids, and vitamin B6 are present in pistachios.

High Immunity Building Products From OneGreen 

We have already discovered the top Immunity boosting foods for kids. Are you worried about how to include these Immunity boosting foods in your kid’s diet? Here, we bring you the top 10 Immunity boosting products from OneGreen. Grab them and give your child some immunity-boosting nutrients effortlessly.

Kids & Teens Daily Nutrition Savoury Spread 

Kids & Teens Daily Nutrition Savoury Spread is a 100% natural, child-safe, and synthetic emulsifier-free formulation that contains 18 ingredients. These ingredients include seeds, Ayurvedic herbs, and nuts. Some important ingredients include Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, calcium, peanut, hazelnut, cashew, almond, sunflower, melon, pumpkin, rosemary extracts, turmeric, mulethi, Brahmi, ashwagandha, and shallaki. It provides instant energy, supports the development of muscles, facilitates metabolic processes, and helps in increasing immunity. 

Gladful Savoury Protein Mini Cookies Biscuits For Kids and Families 

Gladful Savoury Protein Mini Cookies Biscuits contain mini protein butter cookies, which can be a great morning breakfast or tiffin snack. Even a small amount of munch satisfies your cravings and keeps hunger pangs away for a long time. These cookies are made from peas, wheat, rice, and whey and don’t contain preservatives, maida, palm oil, cholesterol, trans fat, and refined sugar. The presence of whole grains such as wheat makes it an appropriate immunity-boosting food.

Gladful Beetroot & Spinach Protein Sprouted Lentils & Millets Instant Chilla – Dosa Mix 

Gladful Beetroot & Spinach Protein Sprouted Lentils & Millets Instant Chilla – Dosa Mix contains the goodness and immunity-boosting powers of spinach, moong dal, beetroot, and grains such as lentils and millets. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t contain preservatives, trans fat, artificial colors, or flavors. It doesn’t contain maida and contains 0% cholesterol. This Immunity boosting dosa mix is 100% vegetarian, can be stored for 270 days, and can be instantly prepared for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner.

Sugar Lite Foxtail Millet Vermicelli 

Sugar Lite Foxtail Millet Vermicelli is a 100% natural, gluten-free and organic alternative to rice which contains the health benefits of foxtails. Foxtail millet has a better nutritional portfolio, higher glycemic index, and higher satiety value than rice. It’s why this foxtail millet vermicelli must be a part of your diet. 

Multi-Seed Oat Cookies 

Multi-Seed Oat Cookies contain the Immunity boosting benefits of oats with high fiber and lower glycemic index compared to regular cookies. Moreover, it also contains sunflower seeds, flax seeds, wheat, pumpkin seeds, and other nutritious ingredients. For a healthy breakfast or snack, one can easily dunk it in a glass of milk and enjoy the nutritious cookies. Moreover, these multi-seed oat cookies don’t contain preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, and trans fat.

Assorted Pack of 2 – Foxtail Almond & Dry Fruit Jaggery Cookies 

Foxtail Almond & Dry Fruit Jaggery Cookies from Early Foods is 100% vegetarian and made from organic ingredients. It is made from organic foxtail, jaggery, little millet, chana dal, white rice, jowar, almonds, cashew, pistachio, watermelon seeds, dates, makhana, and pumpkin seeds. This junk-free cookie is made from 100% organic materials, contains no maida, and has a shelf life of 4 months. 


Thandai from Dawn Lee is a natural Indian beverage with the goodness of nuts, aromatic spices, and seeds. This Indian beverage is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any adulterants. It’s a perfect immunity-boosting summer drink.

Veda5 Himalayan Naturals Turmeric Hot Cocoa Milk Mix 

Veda5 Himalayan Naturals Turmeric Hot Cocoa Milk Mix contains the goodness of organic Himalayan turmeric extract blended with black pepper, cashew nuts, cinnamon, cardamom, coconut sugar, and cocoa. It’s 100% natural and vegan and has been an age-old remedy for colds, coughs, and other illnesses. It helps in reducing inflammation, relaxing the muscles, boosting brain activity, and soothing the mind. People of all age groups can enjoy this immunity-boosting drink by mixing 2.5 grams of the mixture with 200 ml of milk. 

Amla Powder – Immunity Mix for Kids 

Amla Powder – Immunity Mix for Kids from Early Foods is a homemade Amla powder made from ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, bajra, and makhana. It’s freshly prepared and contains no preservatives, artificial colors, and additives. It’s 100% gluten-free, vegan, 100% organic, and is a perfect immunity-boosting drink for kids.

Peri-Peri Nut And Seeds Clusters

Peri-Peri Nut And Seeds Clusters contains the goodness of pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, oat flour, rice crispies, almonds, spice mix, and raisins. It contains no artificial flavors and no additional preservatives, which makes it a perfect fit for those midnight cravings.

Are Immunity Boosting Foods Important For Kids? If Yes, How? 

The answer is yes, and kids need immunity-boosting food. The immunity systems in kids are generally underdeveloped. Thus, they need immunity boosting foods to develop their immune system entirely.

Kids love to explore different things in their growing period. They involve various activities and also get exposure to numerous harmful bacteria. When a baby takes birth, her body uses the antibodies she got from her mother in the initial days. Their body takes more than 8 years to get a fully developed immunity system. So, it becomes important to provide them with all the high immunity-boosting foods. 

The researchers at UCL have produced a strange report. They found that the recent generation of kids has a weaker immune system. This makes immunity-boosting foods an indispensable part of their diet.


While planning your baby’s balanced diet, don’t forget to add these nutritious foods and make them more enticing and healthy. We hope your kid enjoys the diet while getting the appropriate nutrients. Moreover, you can even try out the amazing high immunity-building products from OneGreen. We hope you enjoyed our blog on the top 20 immunity boosting foods for kids. Drop them in the comment section below if you have any questions or doubts! Moreover, if you loved our article and want to share it with your fellow moms, don’t forget to! 


1. What do you mean by “immunity boosting foods for kids”? 

Immunity boosting foods for kids refers to those foods which contain special nutrients and compounds responsible for strengthening the immunity system of kids and toddlers. 

2. How to boost a child’s immunity system quickly? 

Here are some tips to boost your child’s immunity system quickly:

  1. Ensure that your kid’s diet is healthy and balanced. It should contain more immunity boosting foods for kids, i.e., fruits and vegetables.
  2. Don’t forget or skip vaccines and immunizations.
  3. Maintain proper sleep hours. 
  4. Exercise regularly. 
  5. Maintain proper hygiene and ensure hygienic activities.

3. How to boost a child’s immunity system naturally? 

Here are some tips to boost your child’s immunity system naturally:

  1. Maintain a healthy platter and gut. 
  2. Focus more on probiotic-rich foods. 
  3. Include more green leafy vegetables.
  4. Engage in build in activities and keep your kid active.

4. What are the top 10 immunity boosting foods for kids? 

The top 10 immunity boosting foods for kids are broccoli, sweet potato, papaya, carrots, spinach, kefir, basil, turmeric, lean meat, and citrus fruits.

5. Does milk help in boosting the immunity system?

Yes, milk helps in boosting the immunity system as it contains probiotics, immunoglobulins, and Vitamin D.

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