Our Story - Onegreen

Our decision to make a switch to conscious living was easy but, unfortunately, executing it wasn’t. We knew that everything we consumed or wished to consume in our daily lives, would have to be pure, safe, natural and environment-friendly.


We weren’t expecting to come across two challenges almost immediately into our green journey. First, we couldn’t find sustainable and organic products easily. Once we did, we weren’t sure if the product was actually organic, pure, green, and sustainable or if they just claimed it. There were no specific quality checks at the store-end to ensure if products are as authentic or organic as they claim to assure the conscious consumer.

That’s why OneGreen came to life. We wanted to make a platform where we could bring genuine green products under one roof. Our patented OneGreen Index is the most extensive quality and credibility measurement three-step model in the Indian E-Commerce market today. This model is designed and implemented to drive level A assurance and confidence among customers, so that you do not have to worry about the credibility of any product available on our platform.


Happy green shopping!