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About Us

Eco-anxiety is real. If you feel your heart dropping when you see anything non-biodegradable lying around on the road or water, you are not alone. There are many eco-warriors like you who take one small step to do their bit for the planet, and we are there to support you.

OneGreen is Asia’s largest one-stop shop/marketplace for everything pure, safe, natural and sustainable. Our categories range from personal care, baby care, groceries, intimate hygiene, sexual wellness, home care, responsible apparel, clothing – you name it, we have it.

We keep a close eye on quality assurance and only the best and tested products go on the platform. Our promise to you is that if you find a brand on OneGreen, be assured it is pure, safe, natural and sustainable. Read here to know how our patented One Green Index ensures that.

All we want is you to stay healthy, stay good and stay chilled!