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Making ethical and sustainable fashion choices go beyond opting for organically made clothes. That’s a great start but there’s a lot more that you can do. Yes, even if you currently don’t have many eco-friendly clothing items in your wardrobe.

Here are 5 simple ways to make ethical fashion choices in your everyday life.

  1. Invest in classics and trans-seasonal clothes

Some clothing pieces are timeless and trans-seasonal– there are no two ways about it. You can wear them for any occasion, all year round. Buying an entirely new and different wardrobe for a different season is impractical, expensive, and increases your carbon footprint exponentially.

Choose some classic pieces to build a sustainable wardrobe.

  1. Do the 30-wear test

Yes, that’s a real thing. This campaign encouraged one to buy a clothing item only if they were sure they would wear it at least 30 times. It may seem like a weird concept but you’ll be amazed to learn how many fail this test.

True, we may have something in our wardrobe for years but it doesn’t necessarily mean we wearit at least 30 times. Or we wanted to do buy a new dress for a special occasion, wear it that one time and then it stays on the shelf till the end of time.

So, the next time you buy, do a strict 30-wear test and you’ll be surprised at how many clothes you’ll take off the cart and how many actually make it.

  1. Donate unwanted clothes

You’ve outgrown some of your favourite dresses or are sure you won’t wear something but they are in great condition. What do you do? No, leaving them in the wardrobe on a mere assumption that ‘you may wear them someday’ doesn’t work.

The better idea is to donate them. You will help others and fulfil your goal of being sustainable. ‘One-in, one-out’ is a great policy to try out. Everytime you buy a new dress, donate something old.

This way you’ll give your clothes a second life and make someone happy. Absolute win-win!

  1. Go for quality over quantity

Didn’t we all dream of a huge walk-in wardrobe that boasted of clothes in every style, colours, and brand? We sure are guilty of that! But now the bigger dream is to have a small, manageable, greener wardrobe that isn’t a burden to the planet. One way to achieve that is by prioritising quality over quantity.

Agreed that quality pieces may cost slightly more but they’ll last you longer. In the long run, it gets more expensive to buy low-quality clothes as they don’t last long and you have to keep spending on repairing them or replacing them.

  1. Look after the clothes

This may seem so obvious it goes a long way in building a sustainable wardrobe. If you buy high-quality clothes, they are likely to last longer but this tip applies to everything in your wardrobe.

Simple actions like washing your denim inside out, taking proper care of the woollens, repairing small rips by stitching them up will help your clothes last longer.

Nurturing your clothes and giving them a long life is a greatway to be kinder to the environment.

Many start their ethical and sustainable fashion journey by opting for homegrown brands and clothes made from sustainably sourced raw materials. And that’s indeed a great start. If you are looking for the same in kids, men’s, or women’s apparel, check out these brands.

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