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Holidays, weekends, lockdown – these are times when kids level up and reach the next stage of boredom. That only means one thing – parents have to get extra creative to keep the kids engaged and busy without drowning in ‘mom/dad I’m bored’. All day, every day. They complain that arts and crafts, painting, games, etc., are not fun anymore. If you are running out of ideas to keep the kids busy, here are 5unique and fun ideas that will keep your kids entertained and busy.

  1. Design DIY Board Games

Kids may have gotten bored of the board games at home. You’re pretty sure the next one you buy may also start gathering dust sooner than you would like. So, what can be done? Well, ask your kids to make their own board game.

This will allow them to unleash their creativity and stay busy at the same time. Give them cardboard or paper, some sketch pens, and a theme to design the board game. When they come up with a game on their own, they’ll be more excited to play it.

  1. Plant a Garden

Undertaking a gardening project can be really exciting. Involving the kids will make it more fun. Bring home or order onlinesome low-maintenance plants and seeds. Ask your kids to choose the ones they want and help them grow them.

You kids will surely love getting their hands dirty while digging the soil and planting the seeds and plants. Watching the seeds sprout and grow and tending to the greenery will keep them excited, engaged, and busy. This is a great way to teach them about responsibility while having fun. A total win-win.

  1. Form a family book club

Holidays and lockdown are a great time to encourage your kids to read more or even start reading if they aren’t already. While they may not be keen on picking up a book but if you join them, it will take a fun turn.

Let them pick a book of their choice and all of you can read it separately. You can decide to read one or two chapters each day and ask the kid to prepare a few ‘discussion questions’ based on the chapter. Everyone can gather in the evening and discuss those questions.

Not only will this encourage the kids to read actively but also think critically about the stories and messages they are reading.

  1. Indoor camping

If you can’t go picnic or camping outside, bring it home. Pitch a bedsheet tent in the house, build a pillow or pillow fort and decorate it with fun toys, fairy lights, and few ‘camping’ items.

Get your kids to prepare healthy meals and put together some camping games. The best part of indoor camping is that you can have a movie night from the makeshift camp. Something that wouldn’t happen with outdoor camping for sure.

Who knows, indoor camping can become a family vacation ritual!

  1. Make a movie

Sure, watching a movie is fun but you know what might be more fun for kids? Making one. Undoubtedly, kids are more proficient with smart devices and technology. Ask them to come up with a fun story and give them your phone.

The actors of the movie can be their siblings, pets, toys, or even themselves. After they ‘direct’ the movie, they can learn how to edit it using online available online and host a special screening for you.

This activity will keep them busy for days and the result would be something super fun for the entire family. And a super proud moment for you.

Try out some of these ways to keep your kids engaged and entertained at home. Let us know in the comments your favourite ways to keep your bundles of energy busy at home.

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