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Yoga dates back thousands of years. The practice has passed on from master through generations but so have certain myths and misconceptions. Unfortunately, most of these myths have kept people far away from yoga and enjoying its myriad health benefits.

This World Yoga Day, we are debunking 5 common yoga myths.

  1. You have to be flexible to do yoga

This probably is the number one misconception that keeps people from doing yoga. Just because you see dozens of people contorting in flexible poses, it doesn’t mean you need to be able to do that do yoga. Flexibility is a result of doing yoga, not a prerequisite.

Yoga is more about being present, focusing on the breath, and being mindful of the movement of the body while doing the asanas.

  • Yoga is only for young people

Do you know how often ‘I’m too old for yoga’ has kept people away from the mat? Too often. Again, you may come across pictures of young people doing yoga but don’t let that have you thinking that yoga has age restrictions.

Yoga is beneficial for all ages. With the right guidance, people of any age can practice and benefit from yoga.

  • Yoga is just stretching, not a workout

If anyone believes that, they must go to one yoga session and say that again when they’ll be sore and sweating and feel all their muscles!

Modern yoga has evolved and it combines core engagement and physical strength. It may not involve lifting weights or doing cardio in the traditional way but yoga is a test of strength, balance, and coordination. Yoga goes beyond a physical workout as it also exercises your mind and spirit. It builds patience as well and strengthens mental health.

In short, yoga is truly a workout and much more!

  • Yoga is only for women

True, yoga is predominantly practiced by women, however, there’s a good chunk of men who are incorporating yoga in their daily lives. In fact, it’s no secret that hundreds of years ago yogis were mostly men. This is why the popularity of this myth is strange.

Yoga is all about connecting the body and mind and boosting spirituality and isn’t gender-specific. If you are interested in yoga and willing to put in the practice, go for it.

  • All yoga is the same

There are different types of yoga – Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, lyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, etc. They have been practiced by many for generations but they aren’t all the same.

Hatha yoga is the original form of yoga while others are variations that different yoga practitioners introduced. Understanding the different types and choosing the best for you will do wonders for you.

Go for Yoga

The best part of yoga is that you don’t need much to start. You can get the necessary yoga gear and begin your journey right from home. If you are a beginner, find a yoga instructor to get the most out of it. Just show up on the mat every day, practice and you will see a difference.

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