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Living a green life isn’t as difficult as you may think. No, you don’t have to go plastic-free or zero waste the very first week. If you are ready to switch to green and sustainable living but are unsure how to go about it, we got your back.

Here are 3 simple ways you can begin your green living journey.

  1. Start small

You don’t have to make huge changes in your everyday life. In fact, going big is the sure-shot way to fail. If you want to start living green and sustainably, start by taking #OneSmallStep and they will all add up.

This is a more practical and doable approach. Some small changes include:

  • Switching to energy-saving bulbs
  • Carrying your own water bottle instead of buying a new one when you travel
  • Choose bucket baths over showers
  • Use the washing machine only when it’s full
  • Buy products that come in reusable, recyclable, or sustainable packaging
  • Grow your own mini-kitchen garden
  • Carpool whenever you can if or choose public transportation
  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Separate your recyclables instead of putting them in the trash
  • Cook more at home than ordering out
  • Choose organic products
  • Reduce food waste
  • Use steel utensils, boxes instead of plastic ones

Doing everything at once can be really overwhelming and you may end up quitting as soon as you start. Start with one practice, do it for a week, add another practice to it, and so on. Eventually, it will become a way of life and you no longer have to ‘try’ to live sustainably. 

  1. Follow the 3R mantra

We are talking about ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’. Take a good look at everything in your house, you’ll be surprised to see how easily you can adopt this mantra without impacting your lifestyle.

For instance, do you really need to throw away the dress that has one tiny tear? Try making a bag or pillowcase out of it. Don’t chuck off the vegetable peels into the dustbin, compost them. Carry your own cloth bag for shopping instead of opting for plastic bags.

When it comes to implementing this mantra, all we can say is – the world is your oyster.

  1. Spot greenwashing

Now here’s some good news and bad news.

The good news is that if you wish to get into the ever-growing green living tribe, there are many brands out there offering products that claim to be green, safe, eco-friendly, and the like.

The bad news is that not all of these claims are verified and you may actually end up buying something with a green label that’s actually not green. And that’s how you can get ‘greenwashed’.

You need to be absolutely sure that whatever you buy is indeed everything they claim to be. It can be overwhelming and quite a task to verify or confirm their claims. So, we made it easy for you. Every product, and we do mean every single product, you find on the OneGreen website is genuine, as verified by OneGreen Index. You just haveto make your shopping list and shop away.

Take the first step today and start small. That’s a great beginning. We’ll be there to support you by bringing you the best green products available.

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