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Meditation and mindfulness always got a bad rep. The thought of sitting cross-legged on the floor, trying to concentrate and not think anything, and possibly chant paints a very overwhelming for many. And rightfully so. But that’s where mindfulness in misunderstood.

You do not have to do all that. Mindfulness is a great way to centre yourself in a busy day without having to find a quiet corner to practice it. It can be done doing the very things you do each day. 

Here are some simple ways you can find a few moments of mindfulness in your everyday life.

  1. Waking up & Sleeping: Wake up slowly. Do a small stretch, take a few deep breaths and be aware of putting your feet on the floor. Do the same when you get back to bed. Tuck in yourself slowly, feel the bedsheets, take a deep breaths before you get your zzzzz’s. You’ll start and end your day in the most relaxing and calming way possible – with 2 minutes of mindfulness.
  2. Getting ready: Brushing the teeth, showering, getting dressed – all these activities can turn meditative when you are fully present and are aware of each and every moment.
  3. Driving: Remember the very first time you started driving or got your first carand drove it? How you sat down slowly, felt the seat under you and the steering in your hand? When you turned on music and felt a smile sneaking in? That was you unknowingly being mindful. Why not do it consciously every time we drive?
  4. At work: We are all working from home these days and driving is out of question, being mindful while setting up the workplace is the perfect swap. Cleaning the desk, writing the to-do list, starting the computer. Seemingly every day, mundane work things but focusing on one task at a time is exactly what mindfulness is all about.
  5. Cooking / eating: Whenever you cook and eat, tune out everything. Feel the texture of the ingredients, enjoy the crunch and softness of different things, savour every flavour. Be it your meals, snacks, or that mandatory cup of chai or coffee.
  6. Working out: Whether it’s lifting weights, cardio or yoga, just focus on your equipment, your movements and pay attention to how your body responds to the exercise. You’ll have a far better workout than ever before. Promise.
  7. Household chores: Doing the dishes, putting away toys, folding the clothes, cleaning the house, making the bed, fixing broken things. These are all every day activities that can transform into powerful meditative moments.
  8. Play time fun: Got a pet at home? Kids waiting for some play time? Want to do a game night with roommates or virtually with friends? Immerse yourself and you’ll have double the fun. Promise.
  9. Listening: Whether it’s talking to someone or listening to music, just tune in completely. That very act can be super meditative and give ‘feel the music’ a whole new meaning.
  10. Watching TV:Yes, watching your favourite shows or movies can also be an activity to practice. Set the phone aside, sit through the entire episode, listen to every dialogue without getting distracted, and you’ve indulged in a few minutes of mindful. Who knew binge watching could be meditative!
  11. Shopping: Yep, you read that right. Whether you go to the store or shop online, it’s something that has to be done. So, why not get truly engrossed in it and have some fun shopping!

This World Meditation Day, let’s promise to focus on ourselves every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Find a few mindful moments in your everyday life to ground yourself and feel a world of difference. A world of calm and relaxation that you need and deserve

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